Rotario August 2, 2018

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Thursday August 2, 2018 5:30pm

PreFair BYOB Potluck Picnic

on Treat Street at the Nevada County Fairgrounds

Next Week August 8 - 12 FAIR TIME & BUSHELS OF FUN at the Nevada County Fair! 

This Week:  Our Annual Pre-Fair Picnic On Treat Street!

Whether you have signed up or not, come join us!  Bring a salad/vegie, dessert or main course dish to share.  We will NOT be serving Pulled Pork this year so we do need main course dishes.  Also note this is a BYOB event.  

Scenes from Picnics Past...

Think of our annual picnic as a Bring your own Picnic with Food To Share...that means, please bring your plates, glasses and cutlery.  We will be sitting at wooden picnic tables so table clothes are suggested. Cost = no $s; just your dish to share!

We will continue our tradition of table decorations.  This year's Fair theme is Bushels of Fun!  and that is exactly what we are expecting for our picnic and for Fair week!!!

Robin will distribute your Fair Tickets for your shifts at the Picnic.  If you are not going to be at the Picnic, please let Robin know so she can mail tickets to you for you and your recruited friends and family. 

This last week ...

We had another great Rotary get together at last week's lunch meeting.  Chris continues to knock it out of the park with her continuation of bringing us truly inspiring, interesting and informative speakers.  This week’s speaker, Jeanne Clark Scarmon, President of the Sierra Foothills Village, told us of the incredible Village operations and support for seniors.  Allowing them to stay in their homes by providing some basic but very essential help and assistance.  You could tell by the depth of the questions during the Q and A that the level of interest was very high in the room.  It truly is heart warming to know and feel the giving spirit and energy that is alive and well in our community.  Thank you Chris for anotSierra Foothills VIllage logoher great speaker and thank you Jeanne for cultivating an organization that benefits so many.

If you want to learn more, click their logo to visit the Sierra Foothills Village site.

Speaking of thanks, a great big thank you to John Hensley for introducing us to his guest, Chris, of GI Junk. Chris is another remarkable resident of our community working with ex-military personnel and reaching out to provide service to those who can use a helping hand.  I want to learn more about his program so hopefully another great program is in the works.

It was great to see long time member Gill Gray back in our midst and I am looking forward to getting to know him better as he returns on a more regular basis.

We had a lively group of Rotarians supporting their fellow club member Nancy Kemp, coordinator of the Children’s Festival on Friday.  Nancy reports our total attendance was 2500 with a record 1482 for the morning session.  I know that lending a hand at crafts tables were Sandy Stickel, Gayle Denney, John Wilson, Cathy Wilcox-Barnes, Karen Young and Judy Soldavini along with friends of Rotary Gloria Reilly and Ardine Browning.  John Wilson was part of the crew on Thursday evening setting up tables, raking and tidying the park all the festivities on Friday.  We note that flowered head wreathes and faerie wings added to the festive spirit of the day!

Saturday morning was a full house at the fair booth with Walt and Sandy showing up first on the scene.  Joined by myself, Cathy, Chris, the Milams (Tom & Robin), and Gayle Denny.  Nathan had his first experience with our booth washing out all of our cooking equipment. And of course whenever there is work to be done the always-willing Ken complete with gloves and rake in hand, his ever-present smile and can do attitude.  After a couple of hours the group had the fair booth ready for the fair.

Pres. Tom Ryan Chris Newsom, Nathan Leishman, Cathy Wilcox-Barnes, Sandy Stickel, Robin Milam, Tom Milam and Ken Ching.  Missing from photo are Gayle Denney and esteemed photographer Walt Stickel.

It was just another typical Nevada City Rotary Club week full of learning, sharing, a little work and lots of fellowship.  Speaking of fellowship don’t forget that this week’s meeting is our annual picnic in front of our fair booth and not at Trolley Junction.

My favorite quote I came across this week is from Benjamin Franklin:  “The constitution guarantees your right to the pursuit of happiness, it’s up to you to catch it.”  I think that we’re probably making old Ben proud.

For the Fair

We are planning Bushels of Fun for the 2018 Nevada County Fair.  The Nevada County Fair is all about community -- community on Treat Street means working side by side with the local not-for-profits who like Nevada City Rotary are looking to raise a significant portion of their funding for projects and community service support during the Fair. 

For our youth, the various agriculture, arts, crafts and other events offered profound leadership development moments.  It is because of our community and our youth that we do what we do at the Fair -- long sometimes hot days but fun because we do it together as a Rotary team.

Thank you for your participation!!!

We do need another shift captain for first half of Saturday and setup cooks for Friday and Sunday. 

Click Fair Booth Schedule to view current openings and your committed assignments.      

Join us August 8 – 12, 2018

We need your support and partnership serving at the Fair!

To schedule to work one or more shifts, send an email to stating which shift you are available and willing to cover.  This close to Fair week, we ask you to be reponsible for finding a replacement in the event you can not make your shift. 

Again, THANK YOU for all you do in service for Rotary, our Club and our Community!

Coming September 8 Avenues of Service Seminar

Click to watch video.

Click for Avenues of Service Flyer ~ Avenues of Service is a Rotary day of Training for all Rotary Members.  A deeper dive into how to get things done in our Club and Community!  Inspiring new ways to be in action.  Design your own program from a smorgasbord of breakout sessions!

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Upcoming Events:

August 2: Social 5:30pm  Annual Nevada County Fair Potluck Picnic - on Treat Street

August 8 -12: All hands on deck at Nevada County Fair

August 16: Social Ben Emery:  Bareebo Project in Cambodia

Aug. 23- Lunch: Joe Scheimer--Background to the Vietnam War

August 29: Noon:  Field Trip to Madeline Helling Library- Virtual Reality Technology Experience, 980 Helling Way (Rood Center Complex), Nevada City

September 6:  Social Amelia Barrett, Craft Talk

September 8: Saturday - Avenues of Service Seminar - District Wide, Reno

September 20: Social Dennis Geare - Field trip to Ensemble Design of Rotary TechEasy Program

November 9 Lunch: Valerie Costa Special Sections of The Union

Thank you Nancy Kemp and Christine Newsom for coordinating our programs!

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