Staying Connected - May 7 Social 5:30pm

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Check your email for Zoom instructions ... in fact last week's should work too! If you don't have the Zoom instructions for this week, simply reply to this Rotario email.

It seems that another week of isolation has dragged by. I don’t really mind it very much as long as it is helping to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Although I must admit I’m not quite as motivated to get things done around the house. It is much harder for me to muster enthusiasm to tackle a task, for instance cleaning out my junk drawer(s) than it was the first couple of weeks. Maybe that’s why they have been on my “to-do” list so long – I didn’t want to “to do” them in the first place! But some good things have been done. Our first “Drop In/Drop Out, Hangout non-meeting was last Thursday evening. It wasn’t a “Rotary” meeting, it was just a fun conversation between about 10-12 good friends. I can tell you confidently that we have a LOT of proud grandparents in our club who will be more than happy to share pictures next time we are together.

This Week - Nancy Kemp and Dave Bunje - Girls Who Code
PLUS Show and Tell Time

Speaking of sharing, this week we will be holding a bifurcated meeting. We will have a semi-professional public speaker team (Nancy Kemp and Dave Bunje) tell us all about Girls Who Code

What you may not know about PP Nancy Kemp:
I graduated with a BS in Elementary Education from the University of Utah and taught elementary school for one year – the hardest job I ever had, seriously.   In the early 70’s I worked at a research laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania and took a course in the programming language -  Fortran.  I offered to write a computer program for a PDP-11 computer that was being used in the research.  In the late 70’s I moved to San Francisco and got a job as a programmer trainee at Bank of America.  I loved being a programmer, but was one of those people who could interact with others.  I was kicked into management and after 23 years retired as a senior vice president. Nancy has served many leadership  roles in our Club, including President 2007-2008.

And 2 x Past President Dave Bunje was founding organizer/inspiration for our local Girls Who Code program. Dave will join us from Granada Hills Rotary to share originating history of the Nevada City program with Nancy. 

Girls Who Code, 7 Hills Middle School, 2019-2020

Show and Tell

Then, you Rotarians will also be part of the program in our first-ever online “Show and Tell.” It’s been about 65+ years since “Show and Tell” for me but I’ll reach back in my cobweb-riddled brain and try to remember how it’s done. Be prepared to show and tell us about a favorite memento and what it means to you, an antique, an object that might stump everyone as to its use or whatever you like. Each member will have about 1 to 2 minutes (depending on number of attendees) to share with the club. Thanks goes to Walt Stickel for the idea. It’s going to be a blast! If any of you have ideas for an upcoming meeting, send them in. It looks like we might be Zooming for a bit longer.

Club members in action ...

Additionally, this week a group of socially distanced Rotarians took to the trails to get a little fresh air and exercise in. It was a great way to break the feeling of isolation and stress while not being in close contact. It is sort of fun to see everyone wearing such an assortment of colorful masks and face coverings. Who would have ever thought we would live to see it acceptable for someone wearing a mask to go into the bank!

Penzance Park:

Another task that has been accomplished this week is giving Penzance Park a quick cleanup and haircut. It was beginning to look a little shaggy and we want Nevada City to see and enjoy our wonderful project. There actually wasn’t a lot of garbage to pick up this time and only about one hour of weed whacking needed to be done. Next time you are in the area drive by and take a look. One of these days we will be able to gather to work on our next phase (planting more bulbs, maybe a bench? Or…).

Not only did Penzance Park get spruced up but our Rotary bench got a nice, new coat of sealant compliments of Tom Ryan. Our two Tom's went up to the City’s corporation yard a couple of weeks ago and loaded it into Tom R’s truck. Viola! Today it got delivered back to the yard in spanking new condition to be installed along Union Street. Sadly, it will no longer grace the sidewalk in front of the National Hotel. But I’m sure many visitors and residents alike will enjoy a nice rest on it while watching a parade or eating food or ice cream from the nearby restaurants.

Rotary’s presence in Nevada County is being felt and appreciated. Whether it be cards, masks, cupcakes for a neighborhood, helping neighbors with shopping or any of the myriad of other things Rotarians are doing, Rotary is alive and well in Nevada County and the World. Through our actions we continue to show that “Rotary Connects the World!”

From District 5190 - Leadership Learning and RYLA Updates

District 5190’s first On-Line Leadership Learning Assembly launched on Saturday April 26.  DGE Robera Pickett kicked off the training with a live Zoom call introducing Rotary's theme and her vision for 2020-2021. Her kickoff session is now on line for you to view!

The purpose of the Leadership Learning Assembly (LLA) is to prepare our club leaders, board, and all our club members – new or seasoned - for the 2020-2021 Rotary JOurneY ahead!  It is sure to be exciting! This year’s theme Rotary Open Opportunities challenges us adapt to a changed and changing environment and affirms continuous learning and continuous improvement as the way to stay on top of the wave of change around us. This virtual program is self-paced and requires self-motivation. You can choose the modules you want to take! Learn more at Leadership Learning Assembly.

RYLA Canceled for 2020

District wide we are saddened to learn that Grizzy Creek Ranch, home to our RYLA camps) is unable to open this summer because of the COVID-19 pandemic so RYLA has been canceled for this year.

My Nevada County helps us stay informed about COVID-19

Click Federal Cares Act to learn more about the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act Question and Answers Nevada County just published this FAQ complements of Cal OES and Rep McClintock. 

Cindy Wilson, Director of Public Health Nursing (our ZOOM speaker for May 14) is interviewed in this video 10 minute on what is Corona Virus? What can I do to protect myself? What do I do if I have symptoms.  You may find it informative:

Follow Nevada County updates through The County published a helpful Shelter in Place FAQs by the County of Nevada

Stay connected and informed

Robin monitors our email. You can direct questions to that email or to me.  As we learn more and to stay in touch, we will send out regular or more frequent Rotarios.

Thank you all again for your hard work and dedication to our Nevada City Rotary Club. Be patient and be safe.

Your President,

Cathy W-B

Upcoming Events

May 7:  Nancy Kemp and Dave Bunje - Girls Who Code! 

May 14:  Lunch - Cynthia Wilson, MS, RN, PHN, IBCLC, Nevada County Public Health Department, Director of Public Health Nursing (Check out her video link above!)

To be rescheduled: 

  • Christina Giffin, Nevada Co. Sup. of Schools Office  “Career Pathways Partners”
  • Debbie Thomas - A Peace Corps Volunteer’s Experience in Albania

To Be Determined:

May 21 Social: Randy Arnold, The Barefoot Spirit - with goodie bags!

June 18: Cathy's Demotion Dinner

July 19 : Hungry Games, Miners Foundry - NEW DATE

August 12 - 16:  Nevada County Fair (as of April 28 still scheduled)

August 20: (Lunch/Social TBD)  DG Roberta Pickett Visit


July 17: The Children's Festival, CANCELED


Special Dates


 Tom Milam 5/1   Tom and Robin Milam (yes his B'Day) 5/1
 Nathan Leishman 5/8   Wally Krill and Mary - # 72!!! 5/2
 Stacy Drake Robinson 5/23   John Hensley and Sandra 5/5

Club Leadership

President: Cathy Wilcox-Barnes
President-Elect: Tom Milam
Past President: Tom Ryan
Secretary: Robin Milam
Treasurer: Carla Burke
Public Image: Michael Young & Robin Milam
Youth Service: John Wilson & Nathan Leishman
Community Service: Carolyn Inglis & Tom Milam

Club Social:  Judy Soldavini
Sergeant at Arms: Walt Stickel
International Service: Carolyn Feuille
Vocational Service: Nicole Dillard
Foundation: Christine Newsom
Membership: Stacy Robinson & Tom Ryan
Program Chairs: Christine Newsom
& Nancy Kemp
At Large: Dennis Geare

If you have a whine, write it on the back of a 20 dollar bill and give it to your president.
If you have an idea for a club program please contact Nancy Kemp or Christine Newsom.

The Fine Print

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Board Meetings are held on the third Monday of the month at 5:30pm at John Hensley's Recreation Realty/Nevada County Properties office at 432 Broad St. Nevada City. Our next Board meeting is Monday May 18, 2020 via ZOOM!  Not a Board member but want to join us?  Contact Robin or reply to this Rotario for instructions.  All club members are encouraged to attend a meeting. Location subject to change, please ask.

Rotary Club of Nevada City — Established October 3, 1935

Thursday Meetings - On Zoom Until Further Notice
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Rotary Vision

TOGETHER, we see a world where PEOPLE unite and take action to CREATE lasting CHANGE across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves