D5190 2022 Clean Water Project

Los Barriles, Mexico awaits us again for the Healthy Water Project

Our work project with our partner club, the Los Barriles Cabo de Este Rotary Club, will take place from February 17-19, with travel & recreation days before and after.

See the October 21st message below from Ginny Lewis for details and click here for the sign-up form. Please contact Carolyn Feuille with your questions:  cfeuille@gmail.com(link sends e-mail) and tel. 650-867-4564.

What’s new this year is to devote our time, energy and learning to two projects:  The Healthy Water Project and health screening for school kids.  We will distribute water filtration kits to Mexican residents in very small rural communities around Los Barriles, allowing them to have clean drinking water on a sustainable basis.  It’s an opportunity to to contribute to healthier lives for years to come, especially for children, as we interact directly with Mexican families for them to learn the correct use of the kits. We will work in small groups, led by an in-country specialist.

We plan to spend one day conducting health screening for school kids in collaboration with the East Cape Health Clinic, as we’ve done in years past.  That will include testing for vision, glucose levels, heart rate, and more.  

We will enjoy the same hospitality from Los Barriles Rotarians.  So, start making your plans to participate very soon! 

October 21st message below from Ginny Lewis


District Water Project in Los Barriles, Mexico

A clean water project in Los Barriles, Baja, Mexico has been developed for District 5190 in partnership with the Los Barriles East Cape Rotary Club. The project includes both club contributions and Rotarian (and family and friends) hands-on work project.  The purpose of the project is to distribute water filter kits that remove the high levels of arsenic in the rural communities and teach residents how to use them sustainably to significantly improve their health.  The Los Barriles Rotary Club has been doing this project in the rural areas close to Los Barriles for 5 years. Their trained specialists will teach us how to use these filters so that we can teach the residents. This project is funded by a District Grant and is projected to cost $15,000 with Clubs donating a total of $7,500 and the District contributing $7,500 of DDF (District Designated Funds).

To take part, our club has made the minimum contribution of $250 so you will be able to register to be a volunteer in Los Barriles.  Participation is at your own risk and expense.  We can have up to 18 volunteers each of the 9 3-day work sessions that are scheduled.  All sessions are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it will be best to arrive on Thursday and depart on Monday.  If you want to have a little R&R before or after your volunteering, you will need to schedule that on your own. Information on fun things to do in the Los Barriles area is attached here and will be on the website shortly.  More info. on the project is in the district newsletter and will be on the website by Oct. 25.

Join your fellow People of Action in Los Barriles!  

Click here for the sign-up form.

IMPORTANT:  If the pdf sign-up form for registering does not accept filling in your info., drag the form to your desktop.  (This has worked for Mac users.)

Please contact Carolyn Feuille : cfeuille@espritgloballearning.com if you have any questions. 

Ginny Lewis

Rotary District 5190 Executive Assistant