Nevada City History before the Freeway

In preparation for Ken Holbrook's presentation "Nevada City Before and After the Freeway", thank you Nevada City Rotarian Wally Krill for a wonderful nostalgic look back on Nevada City circa 1936-37 ~ just after Rotary Club of Nevada City was founded.

Wally notes "My grandmother's restaurant building along with many others such as Long John's were lost. Some merchants such as Dick Meritt lobbied to have the freeway run thru Nevada City because they feared that if we were by passed the town would completely die.

There was almost no economy in town already. Today such a plan would be impossible.  At the time it seemed sensible to some."

My grandmother Sylvia Tyhurst and her daughter, my aunt, also named Sylvia, are standing out front of her restaurant, the Rainbow Inn. It was a small stools only joint.  She fed the unemployed miners and almost anyone that came in and needed a meal. She graduated from Nevada City High school in 1943. I was attending NCHS as well.  I still have the 1943 "Victory Quill" yearbook but is falling apart almost as fast as me.

Wally with his mother. The background bldg, Dick Lanes 76 is where the Griggs bldg now stands.

Wally with a classmate of mine looking up Broad showing the Alpha Hardware store

The Plaza corner shows the location of the original Plaza tire including gas ,etc. The National Hotel annex does not show very well.

Swimming at Pioneer Park!

Wally Krill and Bob Molten (right) in 1943 -- both Wally and Bob went on to become Nevada City Rotary Club members. 

Remember the old Brownie box cameras?  These were taken with one!