ZOOM Etiquette Plus

Nevada City Rotary provides members and guests with a private Zoom link for joining a Club Zoom meeting. The Zoom access will be sent to members and others on our mailing list in advance of meetings.  If you want to attend a meeting but have not received access information, please send a message through our Contact Us page and we will email you privately. The access information will include a Meeting ID and a password unique to our Zoom meetings. 

To protect the integrity of our meetings please provide this information only to fellow Rotarians or to some one you are inviting as a guest.  Also, we ask that no one respond to any surveys related to a Zoom call. 

Joining a Zoom Session

You can join by computer (with or without a camera), by mobile phone/tablet or by landline.  Your choice.  If you get on via computer and have problems such as no microphone or you keep dropping because of poor internet connection, then call in on your telephone or mobile device.

Learn more about how to join a meeting and much more at Zoom Video Tutorials.

Additional Zoom Etiquette notes are below the access instructions for phone, computer and mobile devices.  

ZOOM Etiquette

Before joining us, whether or not you are on your cellphone, please set your phone to vibrate and your ringer off. Background noise can be disruptive to all so this helps minimize unwanted noise from participants.

If you are on your computer:

  • If you have a webcam on your computer, we will be able to see your smiling face.  For those of us whose internet is intermittent or who don’t like seeing themselves on video, you can turn the video off. 
  • When Zoom is opening your session, you will have an opportunity to test your sound – both your microphone and your speaker sound level.
  • We will instruct you on how to mute and unmute yourself.
  • Once we start the meeting, please mute yourself. 
  • Please close other applications on your computer to improve internet capacity.

To speak,

  • Raise your hand
  • Unmute when called upon

If you are on a mobile or landline phone:

To minimize background noise during the meeting, please:

  1. Do NOT turn on the speaker option (that attracts lots of background noise) and
  2. Know out how to mute and unmute your phone

On a landline phone, the following commands can be entered using your phone's dial pad while in a Zoom meeting:

  • *6 - Toggle mute/unmute
  • *9 - Raise hand

On an iPhone it is as simply as: Go to your DIAL keypad and toggle the mute button during your call.