New Year 2022 — in with a frosty blast!

Thursday January 6 ~ Happy New Year
No Meeting - Canceled due to weather and ongoing recovery

Dear Rotarians and friends,

To those of you who can get this and even for those who can’t, due to weather and other conditions we are cancelling this week’s Rotary Meeting.

Hang on to your White (Snowy) Elephant gift exchange items as we will do that next month.

Nevada County is looking for volunteers to help with distribution of firewood to residents who need wood for warmth through this storm.  If you are interested and available, please sign up directly with the County through the link in the letter below.  With the communication challenges, please inquire directly with the County if you have questions. 

Stay safe and stay warm wherever you are and please reach out if you need help.

See you soon,

CoP Tom (and Dave)

Photo credits: Pixabay,com - Maky Orel and ArtsyBee

A big thank you to CoP Tom who responded to a last minute request and went out Sunday with a few Rotarians from other clubs to load and distribute wood to various distribution locations. The following request is a next step in the County plans.

Nevada County Request for Volunteers - Fire Wood Pick Up Program

Dear Friend,

We hope this email finds you safe and well. As you likely know, thousands of residents have been without power. Many are low on propane and firewood, or completely out.

Nevada County has established firewood pick up locations across Western Nevada County to help meet this need.  We are reaching out for volunteers starting tomorrow and through the week to assist with firewood distribution. We are doing this to keep our most vulnerable residents warm through this extended winter power outage.

Please sign up here if you are able:  (the sign-up sheet is a GoogleDoc; open the link using a Chrome browser for best results.)
A Nevada County employee will call you to coordinate and confirm location and time.

Here is some more information on how you can help:

  • What is the tasking and what does it involve? 
    Help load, stack, and tarp firewood at various distribution sites in Grass Valley and Nevada city.
  • Why are we doing this? 
    Thousands of residents have been without power. Many are low on propane and firewood, or completely out. Propane short ages are taking place throughout the region. We are doing this to keep our most vulnerable residents warm through this extended winter power outage.
  • What are the specific skills/requirements needed for this tasking (i.e. does it require driving a commercial vehicle, special driver’s license, physical labor, virtual task requiring internet and a computer, etc.)? 
    We are looking for folks comfortable with stacking, loading, and tarping firewood.
  • Exactly where and when does the volunteer need to report on the assigned day? 
    Likely the lobby of the Rood Center, but the staff who calls will confirm site/time.
  • What special equipment or clothing do the volunteer need to bring (gloves, cold weather gear, etc.)?
    Work will largely be done outdoors. Cold weather gear and gloves for warmth are required. Snow boots advisable. Please wear a mask.
  • Does the volunteer need to bring their own food and water? 
  • More on the County Program at

2020 Bright Futures For Youth - Free Food Bag Giveaway Project

In the summer of 2020 Bright Futures For Youth was created with the merger of The Friendship Club and NEO (New Events and Opportunities).  These two organizations help and provide much needed services to the youth in Nevada County.  
A Free Food Bag Giveaway Project is being offered which is a new effort to meet the critical need of food for some youth and their families in BFFY.  Interfaith Food Ministry is providing the food for these food bags.
We have been asked to provide volunteers to help hand out food packages from Monday-Thursday, January 24-27, from 5:30-7:30.  Package distribution will be in the hallway of the 3rd floor of the Litton building.  We need 2 volunteers per shift. 
Please let Nancy Kemp know if you would be available for one of these shifts.