Staying Connected February 3 2022

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Thursday February 3 - 5:30pm Social
Your Rotary "Make Up" Story
This meeting will be ZOOM ONLY


I always wonder where this is going when I sit down in front of a blank page and tasked with writing something.  Of course, I will be saying something about this week’s meeting because you are all invited to be a speaker as we share about make-ups that we have done around the world, around the country or even around town. 

And while thinking about that I got to thinking about the time when I was doing make-ups right here in Nevada City. Were those meetings when we met at the National Hotel as exciting as make-ups on a cruise ship anchored in a fjord in Norway, or a wheelchair give away in Costa Rica, or tying up my boat in a small marina in the San Juan’s and walking up the gangway and through a park built by the local Rotary Club and into a hotel/restaurant where they just so happened to be starting their, unbeknownst to me, weekly breakfast meeting? Maybe, maybe not, but those early make-up meetings at the Nevada City Rotary Club certainly had a very important impact on a major life transition for me.

I could probably go on for several pages on any one of those meetings, but I won’t, because then what would I have to share at the meeting?  Don’t worry I won’t drone on for the entirety of the program because I want to hear about where you’ve been and what you took away.  Depending on how many people raise their hand we’ll probably keep the sharing down to about five minutes per person as we touch on the highlights and spark interest for future conversations while we’re at the Food Bank putting food in boxes or handing out groceries at the Friendship Club, cleaning up a park, sharing a meal or walking a trail. If you think that you might have something that you’d like to share, give me a heads up between right now and Thursday morning and the odds of some form of organization will be greatly increased.

In Service With Bright Futures for Youth (BFFY)

Last Tuesday evening Ken and I weren’t the least bit flustered when the paparazzi showed up while we were minding our own business packing and handing out groceries with Bright Futures for Youth and Walt snapped a picture and got it in The Union last Friday along with a blurb about our club and its community service involvement.  Many thanks Walt for your continued dedication to our publicity and besides Ken and I on Tuesday, Chris, Carolyn, Lynda and Nancy managed the food give away on Wednesday and Thursday.  If you would like to sign up for a couple hour shift for this program there are more opportunities towards the end of February and again in March.  Let Nancy Kemp know if you’re interested and she’ll sign you up.

Speaking of Bright Futures for Youth, Jennifer Singer is returning as our speaker next week to tell us about some very exciting volunteer opportunities for us at the new Youth Center opening soon on McCourtney Road.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the weather and I look forward to you sharing your stories on Thursday.

Food Distribution with Bright Futures for Youth (BFFY)

Community Service Director Nancy reminds us that the following schedule has been filled for handing out food at the Litton Building (3rd floor) for Bright Futures for Youth.

February & March

We also have an opportunity to hand out Food Packets in February and March:

  • Tuesday, Feb 22 - Thursday, Feb 24
  • Monday, March 28 - Thursday March 31st. 

If you are interested in signing up for any of those slots please contact Nancy ASAP as these opportunities fill up quickly.

Your Dues and Happy/Sad Shares make a difference!

Your Happy/Sad shares give us glimpses of what is going on in your life beyond Rotary.  They are special moments together especially since so much of our time is on Zoom.  Your associated "bucks" provide a base for us to continue our special services to our community and beyond. 

REMINDER END OF JANUARY - Please send in your Happy Sad/Bucks

Time to pay your January Bucks of all sorts!  Those paying Club dues semi-annually are due also. Moving forward we are simplifying our accounting operations and are employing the Four Way Test individual accounting for Happy/Sad Bucks.  You will not be billed for your Happy Sad/Bucks pledges.  We ask that you track your own pledges and submit your payment at the end of each month.  Here is a Happy/Sad Bucks tracking form you can download and use to track your pledges.  The link is also available from our website under Resources in the lower left column of every web page. Some Club Members are making a month pledge to keep it simple for them.  As always, payments go to Nevada City Rotary, PO Box 74, Nevada City, CA 95959

Thanks for sharing you and for following the Four Way Test with your Happy Buck pledges to our Club!

Recycling bins around town

We blasted through 1,000 lbs — well beyond our 500 lbs in 6 months goal — of plastics!!! Add your clean stretchable plastics to our bins around town - Briar Patch, B&C, the Library, Restore, Nevada City and Wolf Creek/Grass Valley CoHousing.

And a big thank you to Briar Patch Communications team who created new more effective labeling for our bin!

Read more on what can and cannot be collected at Nevada City Rotary TREX Recycling Program.

Stay connected and informed

Robin monitors our email. You can direct questions to that email or to your Club Presidents. 

CoP Tom (and Dave)

Photo Credits: - Gordon Johnson & Arnaud Malan,, and fellow Rotarians

Upcoming Events - ZOOM, LIVE and/or HYBRID

February 3: Social ZOOM ONLY: 5:30pm Co-Presidents Favorite Rotary Stories

February 10: Lunch ZOOM ONLY 12:15pm Executive Director Jennifer Singer on new Youth Center, opening soon on McCourtney Road, and some of the volunteer opportunities for Rotarians.

February 17: Social ZOOM ONLY: 5:30pm

February 24: Lunch ZOOM ONLY 12:15pm Evani Radiya-Dixit - Global Scholar

March 10: Lunch TBD 12:15pm Kimberly Parker - SNMH Foundation- Update on Foundation and Hospital

April 20 Wednesday evening: Area 4 Foundation Dinner Hosted by 49er Breakfast Rotary

June 16: Demotion Party at Chris and Bill Newsom's Home

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Announcement about new plans will be made when we return to serving food regularly. — PO Box 74 — Nevada City, California 95959

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