Staying Connected - September 9 2021

Dear Rotarians and Friends,

Thursday September 9, 2021, 12:15pm lunch via ZOOM

Keegan Thompson, 2021 RYLA Participant

Returning to Zoom at least through September 9
Same ZOOM link works!!!


RYLA Rotary Youth Leadership Awakening

RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Award (now called Rotary Leadership Awakening), was established as an official Rotary Project in 1960, so it wasn’t yet an opportunity available for many of us when we were in high school.

I have great memories of learning some things about leadership from “Doc Schwab,” a local veterinarian in my small Nebraska town.  I think some of the activities in the group of kids he supervised in scouts were parallel to RYLA opportunities. The most rewarding experience was attending a national “jamboree” in Valley Forge, PA, the first time I was away from home. I met a lot of kids who were possibly also away from their towns for the first time. One was kid from Texas who had horned toads to trade for my Nebraska Native American arrow heads.  And some boys from Virginia were actually trading sheaves of tobacco.  Just like RYLA, those of us lucky enough to attend the jamboree were scouts who were already becoming leaders in our local troops. Our counselors were volunteers, just as Rotarians volunteer to be counselors at RYLA, and who further encouraged us along the paths of leadership.

When I visited RYLA at Granlibakken many years ago, I shared a meal with the RYLA students there.   I couldn’t help but notice that each was a leader, whether it was student body president, FFA president, or the leader of a unique club, such as our local robotics club.  We Rotarians can be proud to offer this opportunity to the student leaders in our area—a chance for them to see outside of their local school and make friends and learn with other young leaders.

Our speaker this week is Keegan Thompson, the 2021 RYLA youth leader sponsored by our Club.  Keegan has just graduated from Sierra Academy of Expeditionary Learning. He has lived in Grass Valley all of his life. His first move is to UC Davis where he plans to study communications with a dual major in Japanese.  This will be a very special program!

D5190 Vibrant Club Workshop

Join fellow Rotarians around our district exploring 4 key priorities that support being a Vibrant Club.  Nevada City Rotary is a Club in action.  This virtual program will offer insights, tools and techniques for us to further Increase our impact, Expand our reach, Enhance Club and community participation and continue to Increase our flexibility and ability to adapt. 

Saturday morning September 18, 9am - 1pm, from the comfort of your own home -- and attire to suit! Here's a flyer with the program agendaFREE! No charge!  Click to REGISTER!

Nevada County Flu Clinic - Please sign up!

Nevada County Department of Public Health is again offering their drive thru Flu Shot Clinic on Tuesday October 5 on the Twin Cities parking lot.  Our club is planning to provide support staffing to create the Flu Clinic information packets and to direct traffic.  Masked warriors is again donating free masks that we will include in the packets! 

Please let Susie Monary-Wilson know (or reply to this email) if you are available to volunteer.  If you did not volunteer last year, you will need to register with CA Department of Healthcare Volunteers. If you registered last year, you do not need to re-register.  NC Health is requiring volunteers to be vaccinated.

We need volunteers from 9am-5pm (or earlier if they run out of shots). If you can participate the whole day please do! Morning setup includes stuffing the information packets as well as marking the drivethru lanes with safety cones, etc.  We expect lunch to be served around 11am and the clinic to open at noon. 

Volunteers may get vaccinated in the morning.  The vaccination is a regular flu shot not the high dose  "senior" vaccine.

We had a great time working together with the County Health team last year and they were very appreciative of our partnership!  We hope you will join us if you are available to do so. 

Your Dues and Happy/Sad Shares make a difference!

Check your email (maybe even your "junk" folder) for your latest invoices -- Treasurer John Wilson has completed his due diligence on our behalf once again. Your Happy/Sad shares give us glimpses of what is going on in your life beyond Rotary.  They are special moments together especially since so much of our time is on Zoom.  Your associated "bucks" provide a base for us to continue our special services to our community and beyond.  Thanks for sharing you and for following the Four Way Test with your Happy Buck pledges to our Club!

Stay connected and informed

Robin monitors our email. You can direct questions to that email or to your Club Presidents. 

CoP Dave (and Tom)

Photos Credits: fellow Rotarians,

Upcoming Events - ZOOM, LIVE and/or HYBRID

Zoom through at least September 9, 2021

September 9: Lunch ZOOM: Keegan Thompson, RYLA

September 13: Board Meeting ZOOM 5:00pm

September 16 Social TBD - HYBRID:  What’s For Dinner, and Why Does It Matter? ESRAG and the ES Committee led by Nancy Kemp

September 18: D5190 Vibrant Club Workshop - ZOOM click for Vibrant Club Flyer

September 23 Lunch TBD - HYBRID: Carrie Hawthorne, from Kitkitdizzi

September 30  5th Thursday Dark

October 5: 9:00 - 5:00 Nevada County Drive-Thru Flu Clinic - SAVE THE DATE!!
If you registered with the State last year, you should still be active. If this is your first time to volunteer, please register with DHV* to participate.  The County will administer regular flu shots, not the senior dose. We will distribute masks from Masked Warriors again this year!

* CA Disaster Health Care Volunteers (DHV).

October 7 Social HYBRID:  Co-presidents’ meeting

October 14 Lunch HYBRID: Jenn Singer:  Bright Futures For Youth

October 21 Social HYBRID: Chris LaCentra: GI Junk

October 28 Lunch HYBRID:- “Alumni Day” with the Membership Committee

November 4: Social HYBRID: DG Anita Daniels Governor Visit 5:30pm;
pre-meeting with 3:30pm Exec Committee and 4:00pm Board

Special Dates


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